Koena Mitra Before and After Plastic Surgery (Pictures)

These days, it's tough to find a Bollywood celeb who hasn't gone under the knife. Most are spoken about for their breast implants. Shilpa Shetty and Sridevi for their rhinoplasty or nose correction, and Koena Mitra for nose and lip jobs. In an interview Koena said the nose job was a gamble. Soon after surgery, her pals said how she looked better before. "I was heartbroken. I, too, didn't like what I saw in the mirror. It was depressing," she admitted. "My cheeks looked swollen. Since I was bony, it was very obvious. That's when people concluded I had done a face job."


Plastic surgery gone wrong almost forced the actress to remain indoors for six months during which she lost out on two films

Koena’s face is no longer bloated. And she is ready to dispel all those rumours that she had had a face-lift, lip job, nose job, boob job: she zones in on one definite option from the above; it was a nose job that had turned her life into a living nightmare.

To add to this trauma, a year and a half after the nose job, Koena put on weight on her face, flab that went into distorting her features, fuelling further speculation about her cosmetic surgery misadventures. “You can’t do a face-lift when you are only 29. And I never got a lip/boob job done. I was very happy with myself but suddenly one day I was led to do this. A few people told me that I had a sharp jaw line, which needed a sharp nose. I was told that I had my father’s pakoda nose. I headed for a plastic surgeon.”

Koena explains, “I didn’t get a nose implant done. It was a mere filing. Early 2008, my cheekbones puffed up and I started looking totally different. Suddenly, I realised that I couldn’t smile. My cheekbones hurt if I smiled.”

A worried Koena took a second opinion and changed her doctor. “The new doctor told me that there is no corrective surgery or medication that would help. He said that I needed to take injections on my face. It was a five-month course and now it’s over.”

Recovery has been painful and slow. It took Koena five months to put herself back on track. Koena’s father decided to stay in Kolkata, angry at her daughter’s obsessive vanity, telling her that she would have to fight her incubus alone. Her mother decided to shift in with her to provide moral support. “Yet when she saw me, she started screaming. It was a tough period, no doubt, but I had faith and patience. It was a mind over matter exercise, the injections worked and I won.”

Koena does not turn her nose up to the doctor who operated on her face. “I have taken all the decisions in my life. Believe it or not, I didn’t even inform my parents about the nose job until the side-effects showed up. I didn’t want to hide and I knew they will get to know from my pictures in the press.”

Koena is confident that she will bounce back. During the recovery phase, Koena refused two films. “The camera does not lie and the lens would have definitely caught what I didn’t want to project on screen. I was not comfortable to be seen in that way.”

The actress is also keen to showcase the larger lessons in life and the issues that regular women face, stuff that forces them to go under the knife. “Not everybody who undergoes plastic surgery wants to be Aishwarya or Tom Cruise. Why do you think that women buy hi-fi lingerie? It’s just that everybody wants to be perfect and feel good. And yes, I must tell you that during my visits of correction, I discovered that several housewives visit plastic surgeons for changes and enhancements, because their husbands lose interest in them over time.”

On a final note, Koena’s message to the young generation: “A mother of an upcoming actress who is not even 18-years old asked me if I knew a doctor who could reduce the fat from her daughter’s body. I dissuaded her outright, but I don’t know what decision they might have taken eventually. I think that I have answered your question. But if you want me to elaborate, I want to tell all the young girls in the world never to indulge in plastic surgery. It varies from individual. Some people have benefited. But plastic surgery is a big gamble and it can backfire badly. My nose surgery was a big f***-up in my life. I would say that I sinned.”

"Ek aur baat,” Koena laughs, “Girls crave for compliments. Even boys do, but they don’t mind if you don’t praise them.” Well Koena, you’ll be surprised as to how vain the male populace is in tinsel town. As for the botchedup cosmetic surgeries male superstars go through, all we have to say is Boys don’t Cry! That’s the only difference!

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