Read What Kangana Has To Say On Shekhar Suman

Shekhar Suman is talking non-stop about his son - Adhyayan Suman’s girlfriend Kangana Ranaut, now look what Kangana has to say about daddy Suman. Check out her interview.

Do you think Shekhar Suman should have been so critical about Chandni Chowk to China and ask Akshay Kumar to apologize?
Shekharji shouldn’t have said it. Those who live in glass houses should not cast stones at others. Why make such a comment? It’s not possible to give a hit all the time. And if a star can’t do that, you can’t go about ripping him apart. You can’t kill a star for not delivering.

You are reported to have had a tiff with Shekhar Suman over Satyajit Ray and commercial success…
I seconded Mohit (Suri) when he got into this debate. There is no point in making a film and then saying that the audience isn’t ready for it. If people don’t like a film, then it’s you who isn’t ready for the audience and not vice versa. I find no reason to criticise that audience and term it as being silly. Movie-making is a business. You can’t invest Rs 50 crore to make a film and then not have it generating business.

With such glaring differences of opinion between you and Shekhar, isn’t it difficult for you to be in a relationship with his son?
I don’t care. I’m not in love with the father.

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