Kangana Ranaut and Adhyayan Suman Quizz Each Other and Reveal Their Secrets (Bare All Interview)

Young lovers Kangana Ranaut and Adhyayan Suman bare all their raazes to each other... well most, anyway in a secret-telling chat session.

Real-life lovers Kangana Ranaut and Adhyayan Suman will soon be seen in Raaz — The Mystery Continues. The girl and the boy have fun as they quizz each other about their many raaz (secrets), hidden crushes and more

Adhyayan: Tell me about your secret crush...
Kangana: Barack Obama.
A: (surprised) Why Obama?
K: I have heard his speeches, read his biography, and studied his policies. He is the first African-American to make it so big in the US. For me, he defines sexy. I think the present generation will agree with me. I am totally attracted to this man, not physically, but he is one man I'd like to go out on a date with and discuss world issues. These are my fundas in life!
K: Your secret crush?
A: My secret crush, from the time I was 10, has been Angelina Jolie. Not only is she physically attractive, she also has a heart of gold. She is into charity work and also loves kids and has adopted so many kids all around the world.
K: And you have nothing to say about her husband?
A: Her husband??
K: Who is as sexy as her!!
A: Why would I want to talk about Brad Pitt?
K: So you like Angelina because she likes kids. I know you really love kids because whenever you see a kid, you always smile at them and rush towards them and point and go 'see, see such a cute kid' like you are an alien from another planet and have seen something new.
A: Yes, I get excited when I see cute babies!
K: What else excites you?
A: My work. I am so goddamn young right now and when I see myself on screen, it's a big high. I never thought I would become actor so early in life. When I go to my edit studio, people call me narcissistic. A narcissistic, self- obsessed guy.
K: But you are not!
A: No, no I am talking on screen. Even if there are four actors in the scene, people say that I am only looking at myself.
K: That's how every actor is!
A: Ya, every actor is, even you are like that. Well the next question is a very interesting question and I want to know your answer since you have never told me.
K: But wait, I want to know why the list of questions is in your hand? (tries to snatch it)
A: Wait wait, even you get to ask the same questions, na? Stop complaining.
K: This is not done, you get time to think for your answers.
A: No, I don't. Anyway, this question has to be answered by you first.
K: (takes the questionnaire away from him) So now you first tell me who is your secret crush in the industry?
A: You answer that for me.
K: You know about my secret crush.
A: No, I don't.
K: Of course you know it is a certain Mr Khan!
A: Oh yes, Mr Aamir Khan. I just wanted you to say it.
K: Now tell me about yours?
A: My secret crush is Kareena Kapoor. When she started with her films I was in Std 9. I was 13! More than her physical appearance, I love the way she expresses herself on screen, the way she dances and her aadayein (nuances). Actresses of yore used to have that; in the current lot, only Kareena does. Damn! She's hot!
K: So you have a secret relationship? You can name any one.A: I had a relationship with my dog Poochie! K: Sigh. How boring! A relationship with a dog.
A: Ok, sorry! Let me put the same question to you.
K: Well, I am not a secretive person. So my relationships cannot be secretive.
A: I feel the same way.
K: How about past relationships?
A: I had loads of female friends, but no relationships.
K: Ok, tell me about your first kiss.
A: I was 11 years old and I kissed this girl on her cheeks and I went red. She was all confident. I think she liked it, and after the peck I started behaving like a girl and she like a guy.. You??
K: I was 16 and it was with my first boyfriend.
A: I don't want to know how it felt because I might just kill you.
K: You can't kill me…what about you speaking about your kiss?
A: Mine was just a peck on the cheek.
K: So what? I am more open. I don't want to be diplomatic and say somebody gave a peck on my lips or cheek. You know I was in a girl's school and when I was in a hostel, I had my first boyfriend. It was awkward; I didn't know what was happening...
A: OK Ok…that's it… I love you too much to hear about any more details. Next question.
K: Your secret fear?
A: Every time I sleep in my room, I feel that something is moving. There's a noise that keeps happening and I keep feeling someone is in my room.
K: I think that's the Raaz effect!
A: I think somebody is watching me while I am sleeping. There have been so many times in my life that I have put the blanket on my head and gone to bed.
K: I fear that I will not be able to follow my spiritual journey because I am busy with various things in life. Like my career, my responsibilities etc. Somewhere at the back of my mind I keep thinking that I have to follow the spiritual path, so that when I die I have answers to all my questions. I don't want to die without knowing the answers to my questions!
A: Wow, that's deep.
K: Ok, tell me one secret that you've never told anyone.
A: (laughs) One time I was in the editing studio and I was very hungry. I called for 15 sandwiches, butter chicken, two nans, chicken biryani, dragon chicken, and I swear to God, I ate them all.
K: I am really happy. I am proud of you. Well my secret is that, I was very impressed and obsessed with Indira Gandhi. I was in Std 6 and I had actually cut my hair like her, I used to always observe her on television. In fact, when we had guests at home, my parents use to ask me to imitate Indira Gandhi.
A: This is interesting. I am learning a lot of things about you that I didn't know!
K: I always wanted to be like her.A: Sounds like puppy love.
K: What is puppy love?
A: It's infatuation. When you're a kid, you fall in love with somebody.
K: Oh! Ask me about that. I fell in love with my English teacher in the Std 8 and every time he told me to come write on the blackboard I'd freeze and just go blank. A: My puppy love was when I went to Millfield (London) for the first time. There was this British girl called Laura Hawts.
K: Laura HOTTS?
A: Yes and it was unbelievable. Even if she was 10 metres away from me, I used to go all this red in my face, and get butterflies in my stomach. If she came close to me, I'd go speechless or start stammering. That was crazy.
K: Tell me about your secret obsession.
A: I am obsessed with myself. I really am. I keep checking myself in the mirror every time there is a mirror in front of me, you know that. So many times when I am at your place, I directly enter the room without even telling you. I go straight into the room and stand in front of the mirror to see if I am fine, my hair is fine and you are like: 'Hello, stop checking out yourself' (laughs).
A: Now tell me about your secret obsession.
K: I am obsessed with intellectual people. Especially engineers and doctors. Adhu, I swear on God, I never, never, never wanted to date an actor. I always wanted to be with a doctor or someone very intellectual. I just like their entire way of working: systemmatic, their thinking, I liked everything about them. You can figure out how obsessed I am with them.
A: Good you told me, now I won't let you ever go to a doctor without me by your side. I will accompany you on your every visit.
K: I don't mind.
K: Where would you like to take me on a date?
A: I'd want to take you to Venice. To a quiet place, with our favourite music and champagne. You?
K: I agree. I am also fed up with talking about others, and other things around. You know I am so happy the way our relationship is, and I find it unimportant to talk about my kiss, crush etc etc. Actually, my dream date could be anywhere with you. It could also be cooking with you, aloo paratha in the morning, butter chicken in the afternoon, and in the night..
A: Pastries and love...
K: I don't need anything more. My ideal date would be a holiday with you in Paris. We'd stay in a small motel, travel by buses, do research on wines and study some French. I love French, I can speak French, but I'd like to learn more. Go to the countryside, stay at random places, become complete gypsies.
A: Let's do that.

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