Hrithik Roshan and Mother Pinky Feature on Hello! Magazine Cover

May 2010 Issue of Hello Magazine Features Hrithik With Mom Pinky Roshan on its cover

We have always heard of the world famous adage 'Since God cannot be everywhere, He created Mothers'. The latest issue of Hello! seems to personify this saying with their cover story.

You heard it right, for the fact that the latest issue of Hello! has none other than Bollywood's Greek God Hrithik Roshan and his mother dearest Pinky Roshan. Talking about his Mummy, Hrithik, the son, says, "My mother helped shape my perspective of the world to a great extent. She has great strength and resilience, and taught me a lot about women and respect for them. She has the heart of a child you know; she's basically a little girl. And I see that everyday, all the time." While on her part, mommy dearest says (read 'reveals'), "Once Hrithik graduated from Tinkle comics, he went onto read TIME magazine. Even now, though he's so busy, he'll still come into my room and pick up a few books. We share a gym, we workout, we listen to music ... yes... I enjoy dancing too."

Well, that's Hrithik and his mother Pinky for you...on the special occasion of Mother's Day! We do suggest that you may need to keep a few tissues ready for this interview is bound to stir your emotions big time! After all, not everyday is a Mother's Day and not every woman is Pinky Roshan... and not every son is Hrithik! Atta' boy... this one!

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