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Aamir Khan, Presents Surekha Verma’s Swanky New Handset

(Circled ) The number on Aamir Khan’s arm in Ghajini

Aamir Khan, aghast at Surekha Verma’s trauma has sent her a swanky new handset along with other goodies

On October 23, Mumbai Mirror broke the news that the cellphone number, inked on Aamir Khan's biceps for his upcoming film Ghajini, belonged to Dr Surekha Verma and that the lady was flooded with undesirable calls, some of them obscene. The phone calls created havoc in Surekha’s otherwise normal life. Says Surekha, “The non-stop frantic calls asking for Aamir had turned vulgar and obscene.” She was left with no choice but to switch off her cellphone.
On reading about Surekha’s plight in Mumbai Mirror, Aamir Khan immediately apologised to the lady through our columns. He then got in touch with this reporter and asked for an alternate number to get in touch with Surekha. He had a long conversation with her (Surekha), apologised profusely and told her that he understood how inconvenient it must have been for her. He told her that it was not intentional but just an unfortunate coincidence. He wished her Happy Diwali and also assured her that his staff would get in touch with her and provide her with a new phone connection.
Needless to say Surekha is very happy and relieved. She says, “Aamir was genuinely apologetic and appeared to be a very warm person. He convinced me that whatever happened was unintentional. He assured me about a new phone connection too. All I want is to return to normal life and be able to interact with my friends and family.”
Aamir then went a step further. Our source adds, “After the call, Aamir not only sent across a new phone connection but also a swanky new handset valued at over Rs 35000, imported chocolates, a personal note and a bouquet of blue orchids.” Obviously Surekha can’t contain her excitement as she says, "I am overwhelmed. The flowers are beautiful. It is very gracious of Aamir and I am completely touched. I have no words to express my feelings at this point."

Source: Mumbai Mirror (ASHWINI DESHMUKH)

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