Sahan, Who Was Involved in a Fight with Zayed Khan, Calls him a Coward

Pictures: Zayed Khan and Sahan

Zayed Khan reportedly got into a brawl at a suburban nightspot on Thursday. The actor denies that he was involved. He said, "A fight broke out between two groups. I was not involved. You can speak to the boys who were."

We did just that. Sahan (last name withheld), who is visiting the city, is one of the boys involved in the scrap with Zayed.

Cowardly behaviour
The 24-year-old from London recounts what happened. "Firstly, I'd like to set the record straight. Unlike the newspaper report, I don't have a brother called Yashir, nor do I know anyone by that name who was involved in the fight that night. Secondly, I don't run a chain of ice-cream parlours as mentioned. I'm in Mumbai visiting family. Thirdly, the group attack on me was really unfair. What Zayed and his friends did, was very cowardly."

Sahan continues, "At around 2 am, I was climbing down the stairs when I came across Zayed Khan who was in high spirits. He picked an argument with me, out of the blue. His body language and behaviour was very aggressive. When Zayed pushed me, I pushed him back too. But as soon as my hand left his chest, I felt a punch land on my face from the side. I had not realised was that he was standing in a group with six more guys. They started hitting me."

"I saw the bouncers coming near us and thought they'd break up the fight. To my surprise they held my hands behind my back and let Zayed and his friends have a go at me. They took turns in punching and kicking me, while I was held by the bouncers. When my friends and my brother who were in the other room, came out and saw what was happening, they tried to stop the fight. Then one of the guys who was hitting me, ordered the bouncers to take me out of the club and then they pounced on my brother. They pulled him by his hair to the middle of the dance floor and kicked him on the head and the ribs. He now has a broken nose and a split eye — he had to get stitches. Whenever there's a fight about to spark off, the bouncers in London escort the concerned parties out and let them sort the problem outside. I have been to various places in Mumbai and have never witnessed anything like this before."

Sirf main hi kyun?
"When I was thrown out, I kept asking the bouncers why they didn't throw the other guy out who was actually the one hitting me. They had no answer. I learned from the papers that Zayed is an actor. Until then, I didn't know of his celebrity status. The owner of the club was also involved. The events of that night has changed my perception of Mumbai completely and I am not going to go out and party like I used to before and I am even contemplating leaving the country as soon as possible. I think if he really had a problem with me, he should have come and taken it up with me like a man and not like a coward."

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