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I Have Had My Share of Relationships: Jugal Hansraj

Masoom actor, Jugal Hansraj talks about his directorial debut, Roadside Romeo, good friend Aditya Chopra and why he is still single

Your first directorial venture, Roadside Romeo, is ready to hit the theatres? Are you nervous?
Far from nervous, I am rather excited am eagerly waiting to watch my film on the big screen.

Doesn't the poor box office performance of children's films, Drona and Ganesha 2, worry you?
My film, Roadside Romeo, is not for kids alone. It's a film meant to be watched and enjoyed by the whole family.

What is Roadside Romeo all about?
It's about a guy called Romeo, who loses everything in life and has to live on the roads. How he gets back to life, forms the crux of the story.

Why did you choose to direct an animation film?
I have been an ardent fan of animation films since long. I buy a lot of animation film DVDs and I end up watching a lot of them. I had bounced off a couple of ideas to Adi (Aditya Chopra). Since he wanted to make an animation film, he encouraged me to work on the idea. When I gave him the script, he asked if I could direct it as well.

Aditya Chopra and you are great friends...
That's true. I have known Adi since my college days. We had a couple of common friends and we know each other closely. There was a time when we both used to catch up every Friday to watch a movie together.

Your next film is for YRF again and stars Uday Chopra?
Nothing concrete has been planned as yet. We have bounced off a lot of ideas. Let's see what shapes up eventually.

Are you in touch with your Masoom director, Shekhar Kapoor and your co-star Urmila Matondkar?
We do keep bumping into each other at social functions. That's it. But it's good to catch up with old friends.

You are still single…
I have had my share of relationships, but I guess I have not met my match so far.

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