Aryeman Ramsay is First Bollywood Culprit Caught Smoking in Public

Butt, of course!

The ban on smoking at public places that came into force on October 2, has already started creating an impact. The first culprit caught by the cops from Bollywood is actor Aryeman Ramsay who starred in Raj Kumar Santoshi’s Family and was more recently seen in Good Luck. The actor was hauled by the cops at Juhu Circle yesterday while he was returning from the shoot of Dard-E-Disco. He had to pay a fine of Rs 250.

When contacted, Aryeman Ramsay confirmed the news and said, “Yes it’s true that I was caught by the cops. It so happened that I was smoking inside my car but my car had some trouble so I came out of it to check what was wrong and that very moment a cop caught me. I was shocked as I was not aware of the new rule. I had a huge argument with him also but ultimately I gave up.” Aryeman further added, “I then went home and actually checked the newspapers and realised that the cop was indeed right. In fact when I went to a restaurant, I was not allowed to smoke. I have been a smoker from many years now and I wonder how it will work. I guess while shooting I will have to go to my vanity van to smoke. I really wonder what will happen to SRK and Ajay Devgan?”

“It’s a good sign as it will definitely help people quit smoking. It is one habit that I am not proud of, but it’s a habit which is very difficult to give up,” he said.

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