John Abraham bares all… most: Interview

Makes his rear a talking point for Dostana John bares all… most!

John Abraham has shows off his bod in his forthcoming flick, Karan Johar's Dostana, directed by Tarun Mansukhani. Here he talks about doing a bare dare…

Let's talk about the yellow trunks...

Well, I think that they fit well. Karan and I sat down and discussed the exact trunk that I'd be wearing. We looked at some black-coloured ones but decided to go with the yellow one. The fact that we shot in Miami has something to do with the colour. It's a vibrant, fun place and my styling was done keeping that in mind.

Were you hesitant at all to strip?

There was no such hesitation at my end. For me, it was the brief that mattered. Karan told me exactly the way I was supposed to look in the film and that helped me work towards achieving the same. It was important for me to follow that vision and deliver.

How comfortable are you in your skin?

I am extremely comfortable. I think it's very important when it comes to playing a role like I did for Dostana. I think it also has something to do with my modelling background. I have always been very much at ease with the way I look and feel. For me, it's more the personality that matters than the looks.

Would you show it all if a role required it?

Yes, definitely. Why not? In fact, I have always chosen films and roles that have asked me to do something different. I am extremely comfortable getting into the skin of my character and bringing it alive on screen. However, it doesn't have to be perverse. Also different characters demand you to adapt to what the script demands.

Did you do extra workouts for the scene?

Yes, I had trainer Mike Ryan fly down from LA to Miami to work on my body. Back home, I worked with Aalimbhai at Gold's Gym. The point wasn't just to have abs, or a great chest or looked bulked up, I had to work on the entire look, especially my legs. I believe whatever is attainable is also desirable. I also had to keep in mind my diet and focus on eating the right stuff.
What have been the reactions to your Dostana look?The reactions have been overwhelming and amusing. I am happy that people are looking at my body and appreciating the look. In fact, at times, I even feel like a meat shop!

You are now a gay icon. Comment.

I know a lot of my fans belong to the gay community. All power to them. I have always maintained that respect for this section of my fan base. I have friends who are gay. Tarun (Mansukhani) deserves a lot of credit for not making us look like caricatures and bringing so much life and fun to our roles.

How did you prepare for the part?

As far as preparations go, Karan told me, 'you've forgotten the sensuous side of you'. He told me that I appealed to both genders and that I shouldn't forget that. The preparation didn't just include getting a Baywatch body but went much beyond all that.

Any possibility of backlash from the gay community for the part?

I don't think there will be one. Both of us have taken extreme care to not come out as loud, or OTT anywhere. It's a very non-offensive, laid-back easy- going fun film. Something everyone will enjoy.

This is your second film with Abhishek after Dhoom 2…

I think after Dostana, everyone will call us the next Shah Rukh-Kajol. He isn't just a co-star or a friend but it goes much beyond that. He's a great human being and fun to work with. Of course, not to forget Priyanka who compliments us both.

By: Tushar Joshi [Source: Mid-day]

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