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Uday Chopra and Tanishaa Together Again

Saath-Saath: Uday Chopra and Tanishaa

It looks like Tanishaa and Uday Chopra have sorted out their differences. The pair had stopped communicating after their split last year.

On Wednesday, they were spotted at the Drona premiere, chatting happily, looking comfortable with each other.

Breaking the ice

The Neal 'N' Nikki couple were seeing each other for two years before they split up. Even their families approved. They split following rumours of Tanishaa's relationship with Upen Patel, which came at a time when everyone was expecting them to exchange rings. A source close to the couple adds, "Uday often sent her feelers to get back but Tanishaa never reciprocated. They broke the ice at a common friends party. Thereafter they stayed in touch."

Recently Uday organised a short surprised holiday to a foreign location to spend quality time with her.Uday's one and only?The source continues, "Uday can't see any other girl taking Tanishaa's place in his life. They are getting together to see if they can make it work this time around. Tanishaa was also seen bonding with Yash Chopra at the premiere.

The Chopra family is very fond of Tanishaa and are hoping they can make it work this time."Tanishaa remained unavailable for the comment.

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