A small barber Shop in Ladakh is Named Sonu Nigam Hair Cutting!

Now, Sonu plans to go there for a haircut

Re c e n t l y, we couldn’t help but smile when we came across a particular photograph, which involves singer Sonu Niigaam.

People all over Ladakh have no source of entertainment except the radio and their favourite singer happens to be Sonu Niigaam.

The fan in question is a Ladakh-based barber who has found a simple but unique way of making Sonu feel special. This barber is so in love with the singer that he has named his shop Sonu Nigam Hair Cutting! When contacted, Sonu confirmed the news and said, “Yes, one of my friends Rajesh Kalra informed me about this after he visited Ladakh early this year. He told me of a hair cutting saloon, which is named after me. Another friend of mine who attended the shooting of 3 Idiots in Ladakh said that since there is a scarcity of TV channels and media, people in Ladakh connect with music and singers in the truest sense. I am planning to go trekking in Leh and Ladakh next year and will pay a surprise visit to that shop and get a little haircut done.

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