Deepika Padukone on the Cover of Fashion Magazine Grazia

You have always heard them say that 'A Diamond is a girl's best friend'. But have you ever wondered that who is a guy's best friend? Well, we cannot speak for others though, but one thing's for sure that if the guy is Ranbir Kapoor, then, his best friend HAS to be Deepika Padukone, who also is the cover-girl for this issue of the fashion magazine Grazia!
If looking a thousand bucks means looking beautiful, then, the snaps of Deepika in this issue simply makes her priceless! Maybe, that's why she is justified to the core when she declares that "I charge what I think I am worth and if people are willing to pay me that much, it must mean that they think that I'm worth it too. No one affords risks like investing in actors they don't really believe in." Deepika is one girl, who can glorifyingly justify the term 'Hot Property' with her elegance and persona to match!

Lastly, to add a few words of wisdom, let us also tell you that Prakash Padukone, besides being an ace badminton player and also Deepika's proud father, is also the reason as to why she is so much grounded even though at the peak of her career! In her own admission, she says "My father's always told me that fame is temporary and it's not important to dwell on it too much."

With those values intact, Deepika surely will climb the ladder of success in this glam world.
Source: Bollywood Hungama

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