Harman Baweja Keeps Crew Busy Helping Him Stick to his Salmon Diet


While on a flight to Sidney, Harman Baweja kept the entire crew busy trying to help him stick to his salmon diet

Last year, on New Year's Eve, I made a strict diet resolution. And let me make it very clear, I didn't decide to eat frugally. I simply decided to be on a salmon diet for a week. Given the fact that two oceans and a sea surround our country, it isn't too much to ask for, right? Alas, a man's appetite and the salmon population are inversely proportionate (with all due respect to animal lovers). I discovered this the hard way. 2008 began and a happy new year it was, until I had to leave for a trip to Sidney early in the year. Though the very thought of a 14-hour plane journey seemed unbearable, I steeled myself for it. Once seated comfortably, I ordered dinner. Yes, a plate of salmon. I thought 'a plate of salmon' meant plenty of salmon and I looked forward to it. But when the airhostess gently placed an oversized plate on the table, I discovered exactly two small pieces of salmon on it. Needless to say I took very little time to polish off the contents of the oversized plate.

As expected, my stomach rumbled with hunger by midnight. “Could I please have some food,” I asked the airhostess. “Sure sir, what would you like?” she enquired. Now I was in a fix. “Another plate of salmon please,” I replied sheepishly. She went off in search of the precious fish - but it wasn't my day. They didn't find any. The sane thing to do here was probably make do with any other food that was available but no, I wasn't willing to compromise. It was my resolution after all!

The time had come to take matters into my hands. I got up and approached the economy class for help. Guess what? The hostesses there were out of salmon as well, but I had sworn not to give up. At last, my charms worked on them (I think) and they promised to help me out. Every little morsel of salmon was collected from the leftovers and brought to me; I feasted while the crew watched over me.

Now here's the clincher. Did I keep my resolution for the rest of the week after arriving in Sidney - the land with plenty of fish? No, thanks. So what if it was my New Year resolution… Who keeps them anyway?

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