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Pahlaj Nihalani criticises Akshay Kumar; gets called out

Former Censor Board Chairman, Pahlaj Nihalani’s accusations about Akshay Kumar endorsing pan masala has made the actors’ fans call out his bluff

Former chairman of Central Board of Film Certification, Pahlaj Nihalani’s sudden outburst against actor Akshay Kumar has led many to react with amusement. On Friday, while criticising the I&B Ministry’s ban on condom ads during prime time on TV, Nihalani suddenly chose to target Akshay, the trailer of whose upcoming film Padman was trending on social media since morning.

“Akshay has a very clean image. He’s seen as a hero of the masses. Then why is he promoting a brand of paan masala? Others like Govinda and even Pierce Brosnan are promoting what’s a proven agent for cancer. If this is not detrimental to national health, what is ‘Condoms’? Ms Irani (a reference to I&B Minister, Smriti Irani) needs to focus better,” Nihalani was quoted by Deccan Chronicle as saying.
“Akshay has never endorsed pan masala. He used to endorse an elaichi brand, but has not done that Ad for a while now,” says a source close to the actor, adding, “And where does Akshay Kumar come in the middle of Pahlaj’s outburst against the Ministry. He clearly has an axe to grind with them, ever since he was ousted by the Ministry as the Censor Board Chairman. But he should handle his own grudges, instead of dragging others into it.”

Reportedly, Nihalani also shared that he has written to I&B ministry headed by Smriti Irani, about these “banned” ads but he is yet to receive any response.

And now, fans on social media are reacting to Nihalani’s sudden outburst against Akshay. Here are some of the tweets:

Use of Condoms helps Nation stay safe & in control of population. To ensure kids don't come in contact,  not to run between 6am to 10pm. But then what about Pan Masala ads? They are serious hazard to health @smritiirani @JPNadda@MIB_India
Ads koi nahi dekhta... Why not shut down the shops selling paan massala n gutkaas.... Har galli mout ke kuwe khol rakhe hain... Kab tak
Reacting to I&B ministry’s decision to resist condom ads between 10pm to 6am time slot on TV, Nihalani said that it should be pan masala ads, which needs to be banned instead of condoms commercials. Explaining his point, he was quoted in the same news report, “Children seeing condom ads isn’t going to kill them. But being encouraged to take gutka and paan masala by Bollywood role models is definitely damaging to the nation’s health.”

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