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Bollywood Turns to Facebook to Vent Their Ire and Garner Support For Change...

Ever since the attacks in the city, the starry brigade have been online voicing their anger, expressing their fears, saluting the bravehearts and prodding for change. Here's a look at some of the groups the stars have joined.

ZERO Tolerance To Global Terrorism - Endorsed by Sonam Kapoor
The group's agenda: On Wednesday night, there were terrorist attacks in Mumbai, the financial capital of India. Many innocent lives were lost, buildings were destroyed. Though, India has faced terrorism for a long time now, no place is safe. In the end, someone loses a loved one. Let's light a candle in our windows tonight and say a little prayer. Lets take a few minutes of our time out today to remember the victims of such acts of crime against humanity.

Movement to make INDIA terror free! - Endorsed by Sangeeth Sivan
The Group's agenda: I stand to make my COUNTRY terror free. I stand for peace. I stand for my dream to make this Country INDIA the safest Country in the World. We would like to speak out loud and shout: TERRORISM HAS NO RELIGION!I would like you to all join this group and make your voice heard against the Mumbai Terrorist Attack which led to loss of over 180 lives which included our police personal. I as an Indian condemn this act of violence..Please ask your friends to show support by joining this group.

Don't Vote '09 - Endorsed by Anurag Kashyap
The Group's agenda: A non-political movement to get things done before We Vote next year.After the Mumbai massacre, we, the youth of Bombay, have decided to take it up in our own hands and decide what are the basic needs for our self security and to maintain the cosmopolitan image of our city.

2-minute silence on 6th Dec 2008 at 11 am IST / 5.30 am GMT - Endorsed by Koena Mitra
The Group's agenda: Walk for peace and harmony... Let us do SOMETHING! Let us start a non co-operation movement. Something to show that we won't take this lying down. Let them see how many we are. Let them see how angry and frustrated and tired we are. Let us come together to ask for our right to live our life fearlessly. Let us come together to remember the loss of our fellow beings. Let us the people come together so that their loss is not in vain and that lessons are learned. Let us show the world the true spirit of our mother city.

Koena mitra speaks...
I am part of six groups on Facebook. I didn't form any group but have accepted invites from whosoever sent it to me. Not just me, every Indian would be angry and want to be a part of it especially after what we have seen. It was like watching two days of a prolonged horror film. For me it was traumatic to see so many people dying, chutki mein. The media has done a great job.
The constables are armed with lathis — how can they protect us with 90-year old equipment ? How can they fight with terrorists who are so well prepared? Even the security guards at the hotels are not allowed to keep arms. Our administration has become so poor and weak that we have become a soft target. Don't lose innocent people like this. We needed 400 soldiers
to fight 10 terrorists? It shows how weak we are. Enough talking — let's have more of action. —

VINTA NANDA — XAn appeal from the film writer-director
I appeal and plead with all those who get to read this note, to join the group 'All Pakistanis condemn Mumbai terrorist attacks' immediately. It is a group founded by our Pakistani friends, who think like us and believe in the things that we believe in. Once we have a sizeable Indian participation we will request our Pakistani friends to call the group 'All Indians and Pakistanis condemn terrorist attacks all over the world'.

On Celina's wall...
Celina says How many more will die? The politicians' chair seats are soaked in blood. Our soldiers are being reared to die by being victims to red-tapism. I will not vote

Boats and votes:
What do Raageshwari Loomba and Maanayata Dutt have in common?
Yesterday, they both had the same status message on Facebook:
"Let's not worry about those who came through boats but let's seriously worry about those who came through votes."

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