Film Folk on How to Put Mumbai Back on Track

B-Town folk have been extremely vocal on how we can ensure that November 26 never repeats itself. From compulsory military training to stop compromising and start voting… these are among the several suggestions that they have put forward…

Malaika Arora Khan
What we need is the army to bring back order and a sense of security in Maharashtra.

Sonu Sood
Politicians have perpetually failed us. It's time to throw them out of our system. At the moment, Mumbai needs a healing hand. All those of us who have been lucky enough to have not suffered losses, should come forward to support those who are hurt.

Kunal Kohli
We've not been defeated by well-trained terrorists but by incompetent politicians. We don't want speeches about investigations. We want results , answers, action and accountability. One politician calls for a bandh. The other blames the ruling party. One actually has the gall to say 'such' things happen. Another tries to buy the deceased with money. What about action against people who did this to Mumbai? This time, we don't want to move on. We don't want to forget.

Raveena Tandon
Make the laws tighter and leave no loopholes for terrorism. Let's not sit on the same table with countries that harbour terrorism. The government has failed us. They've legalised illegal Bangladeshis, turned a blind eye to infiltration . We have to deport the illegal immigrants. Amend the Constitution so that no politician with criminal antecedents is given ticket to contest the elections.

Anubhav Sinha
The question to be asked is, are there no countries in the world where there's no Islamic terrorism? Failure and success are by-products of our actions. I don't think our politicians ever acted correctly. Yes, the intelligence failed. But is our intelligence network half as competent as the Mossad, CIA or M16? Israel, UK and the UK are as vulnerable as we are. Intelligence will continue to fail. We need to start questioning who these people who are ready to blow themselves up ares.

Victor Banerjee
We need to condemn violence and terror without prejudice towards caste, creed or community. Let's put aside political rhetoric and suicidal pussyfooting around the enactment of severe and uncompromising laws on terrorism. All citizens of all religion have been victims and perpetrators at some time. Let's look inwards and see where we need to amend our own morality
along with the laws.

Ranvir Shorey
We're now a nation at war. Basic military training should be made mandatory for all of us. If we can't be protected by the people we elect to do so, let's find our own protection. I think there's no hope from the politicians. Maybe we can still count on the bureaucracy if the corruption and greed for power that stems from their bosses, ceases and their work conditions improve.

Imtiaz Ali
Ask questions. Stop always compromising and adjusting. Whether to mindless digging of the roads or thoughtless security arrangements. Don't be scared. Don't feel guilty, stand tall and pull up whoever is responsible. If we stop taking things lying down during normal times I'm sure such aberrations won't occur.

Mahesh Bhatt
We can’t help ourselves. And there’s no one out there to help us. Vikram Bhatt It’s time for a new order. This is the storming of the Bastille.

Shilpa Shetty
Increase the salaries of the police and security forces so they don’t feel shortchanged. This will
automatically reduce corruption. Politicians need to be proactive and not just reactive. EOF8

Subhash Ghai
What we need are educated non-avaricious politicians to change the quality of governance. In the next election, we all must vote, and vote for the right leaders. We are not getting the leaders we deserve — and we are responsible.

Nandita Das
Many thoughts have been crowding my head. I am doing some serious brain-storming with like-minded citizens to think out a plan of action. The time for rhetorics is over. EOF8 Madhur Bhandarkar Mumbaites should exercise their franchise far more carefully. Then we’ll get a more accountable and responsible government. And we won’t let 26/11 happen again in Mumbai.

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