Tulip Joshi's Ex-Commando Boyfriend Helps Her Understand The Psyche of Our Special Forces

The commando's psyche
Understanding how - Tulip Joshi and Vinod Nair

Tulip Joshi's boyfriend Captain Vinod Nair is an ex-commando. The actress says, "Thanks to him, I have an insight into the psyche of our special forces. Terrorism cannot succeed in India because Indians are farmers and would rather give up their life than their land. Nair, who was seen in the Colors show Fear Factor (as Anjana Sukhani's partner), was an armyman for six years of which three were in Kashmir. He was in Mumbai during the '93 blasts. Says the ex-commando, "The terrorists must have been in Mumbai for at least six to nine months planning the attack. They had every single advantage on their side. Even then, it took barely two days to flush them out. When the Israelis were discussing the situation, they thought the operation would take seven days. The amazing speed at which our commandos have performed is praiseworthy."

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