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Salman Khan Says Be Human First as He Comments On Mumbai Terror Attacks

On Mumbai’s 26/11, he was in Greece, but he felt the impact there. “I was angry, hurt and helpless, and the sad fact is that if Taj and Oberoi had not been targetted... this wouldn’t have made such big news. But I’m glad 26/11 has awakened everyone. This mass awakening should have happened long back. It could have saved this situation today. We are to be blamed. Till we lose a loved one we refrain from getting involved, we don’t want to fight for others and the country.”

He has a simple funda for Mumbaiites: “Be human first, that’s what you are, then follow the rest.. country, region and religion.” He is convinced that misusing religion is the biggest crime of all. “Don’t mix religion with terrorism. All hardliners do this to achieve their purpose. Jihaad is a call upon the people. It’s a struggle for better life, not to end lives. There is a saying in the Quran, if your neighbour is not safe with you, you cannot be called a Muslim.”

Youths indoctrinated in hatred and made into terrorists aren’t the real culprits, believes Salman. “They are just misled boys who are promised money and heaven. Go to the root of the problem. Find out where the guns came from, who sold them? Every gun has a number on it. The real culprits are those who are making the most of the miseries of innocent people and can be tracked down systematically,” he advised.

He thinks Pakistan is in a sorry state itself, that terrorism may exist there, but it’s not in the country’s control anymore. “So I don’t know where will it take us by just blaming them. Corruption is at the core of all this. Otherwise how could these people with sackfuls of arms and ammunition get into the country? Somewhere, somebody must have taken money to ferry the stuff without realising what was inside those bags.” The Mumbai Police, regretted Salman, was made a hero only now, but it was always doing a high stress job for such a poor salary. “That’s when corruption comes in,” he added.

Source: Times Of India

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