Malaika Arora Khan Insists Security Should Be in Place for School Children

On Monday night, Malaika Arora panicked when she recieved an SMS saying not to send her son Arhaan to school the next day as they feared another terrorist attack. A spooked Malaika admits she only calmed down after she received a message from the Mumbai police, "It said 'False rumours spreading thro SMS reg possible attacks. Mumbai police assures of safety of the city. Please do not panic nor add to rumours.' The last few days have been highly unnerving. Arbaaz is not in town, and my parents are already scared so I had to cope. It's scary for a parent to realise that at such times we become so helpless. Since yesterday, I have been running around trying to organise parent-teacher and principal meetings to bring some kind of security format to Arhaan's school in Juhu."

Fear factor
Following an SMS from the cops, Malaika sent her son Arhaan to school, "We can't show our fear and paranoia to our children. I can't inflict my fears on my child. He doesn't understand and starts asking too many questions. I've remained indoors for the last week. I had a couple of events but canceled them as I felt it would've been frivolous to attend. What these terrorists are doing is awful and the ordeal we face as parents today is too terrifying to contemplate as schools hardly have any security systems in place. The children spend several hours in school and I spent an very tense couple of days thinking about how we can make them safe."Apart from parents and the school principal, Malaika has also met the local police to discuss the setting up of a security system in Arhaan's school.

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