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We Must Not Negotiate With Terrorists Writes Aamir Khan in His Latest Blog Post

Aamir Khan holds political parties responsible for fuel-ling terrorism in the country. The actor states on his blog ( that a stop on paying taxes as a form of protest is a silly idea. Here are excerpts...

"As I had expected, various politicians have tried to use this traumatic attack to their advantage. I only hope people see through them this time. Both the major political parties have failed to tackle terrorism. There have been repeated attacks on us during both their reigns that neither has been able to anticipate or deal with well. While what happened in Mumbai recently clearly exposes the incompetence of the Congress, the hijacking of the Indian Airlines flight 814 during the BJP rule shows them in an even worse light. They actually negotiated with and released dreaded terrorists from Indian jails. All the five hijackers and the three terrorists released from India by the government in power, then were allowed to escape to attack us another day. I think the first lesson to learn from this is that we MUST NOT NEGOTIATE. No matter what, the next time round around, and let's not fool ourselves. We MUST NOT NEGOTIATE. All potential terrorists must get a very clear message that INDIA DOES NOT NEGOTIATE WITH TERRORISTS. What that means is, that in the future if there is a situation where me or my kids are held hostage by a bunch of terrorists then I must be prepared to tell our government - to hell with me and my children, just go in there and kill the terrorists. I am prepared to sacrifice myself and my loved ones for the larger safety and security of the country but DON'T LISTEN TO AND NEGOTIATE WITH TERRORISTS.

The other important thing we need to remind ourselves in this time of anger and hurt is to stay calm and take sensible steps, and not give in to thoughtless knee-jerk reactions. I heard someone say on television that we should all stop paying our taxes as a show of protest. Haven't heard of a sillier idea. If we stop paying our taxes, we won't have an army and NSG to save us next time around!!! Instead, we should all START PAYING OUR TAXES. We demand so much of our leaders but are we fulfilling our basic responsibility? Can we say with honesty that as citizens of our country we all honestly pay our taxes? If we don't our taxes can we blame the government for being inefficient? What I would really like to see emerge from all this is the youth of this country starting a political party. A group that we can all support.


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