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Dont Blame Thy Neighbour, Make India Terror-Proof Instead, Says Arjun Rampal

While most actors were running scared of making comments while Mumbai was being held at gunpoint, Arjun Rampal went live on a TV channel and voiced his anger, hurt and disappointment.When he emerged out of the TV studio, he received many congratulatory messages for speaking his mind on national television. However, he also received some hate SMSes abusing him for not bashing Pakistan.

Blame game
And all because on the show, he questioned, 'why do we Indians always politicise everything and blame Pakistan?' Explains the actor, "What I meant was, why blame someone? Why do you expect better from the neighbouring country? It's been happening for so many years. What has the blame game achieved? Instead, why not ensure that we are terror-proof? Look how no attack has happened in the US after 9/11; why can't we ensure that our cities are safe?" the actor wonders.Like the rest of the city, he stayed glued to his TV for three days till the nightmare ended on Saturday morning.
The actor concludes with, "Mumbai collects the highest income-tax in the country, and yet we don't have NSG or its equivalent to protect us. They have to be called in from Delhi; this despite so many terror attacks on the city. Why can't the government give land in Mumbai, where we can train our own commandos and also arm them adequately? The terrorists come with AK 47s; our cops only have rifles to defend themselves and us."
Wednesday terror attack coincided with his birthday. He rues that he will never be able to associate November 26 with happy memories now. The actor is not all talk. He is planning a big movement with his friends and film industry folk to ensure that the citizens of the country are protected against terrorism. He is reluctant to talk about it, "I will talk about it when it's all in place," is all he's willing to say at the moment. More power to you, Arjun!

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