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Santa Khan, Salman Khan Wows Kids on Christmas

Fifteen kids of the Smile Foundation — a national level organisation working on children’s health and education in 21 states of the country — had a whale of a time as none other their ‘favouritest’ actor Salman Khan gave them gifts on Christmas eve. However, they did not anticipate the double-whammy when Preity Zinta joined them a little later — which was a pleasant surprise. She had dropped in to visit Salman on the way to a shoot.

It is true that pictures say more than a million words. On Christmas eve, After Hrs had taken some kids from the Smile Foundation to meet their favourite actor Salman Khan. What came unexpectedly and literally as Santa’s gift to the tiny tots was another smiling visitor who proved to be the surprise package of the day. Preity Zinta, dropped in to meet her good friend and share lunch with him on the sets of his film, Veer.

Salman Khan and Preity Zinta Giving Away Gifts to Kids

The kids named Fie, Sameer, Mithilesh, Pooja, Mayuri, Jyoti and Amrish were excited and thrilled to bits as they also got to take a look at the sets of Salman’s forthcoming film, Veer. Salman asked them, “Where are the rest of the guys? I was expecting more of you. Have they all gone to see Ghajini?” As a gesture of gratitude, the kids gifted him a lamp with a candle and sang, May God Bless You while Salman beamed and joined in with the chorus. Preity Zinta remembered, “I learned this song in school.” It was a touching day for the kids, the stars And, of course, us. Here’s to a Merry Christmas!

Source: DNA India

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