Esha Koppikhar on the Cover of FHM Magazine (December 2008)

'Bollywood's Sweetheart' screams the headlines of the latest edition of the super glossy and super sexy magazine FHM. If there is one guy, whose Voodoo doll, the rest of the guys will be pining at, its none other than Akash Shrivastava, the luckiest photojournalist who made best use of his hands and not just interviewing but also by photographing the one and only Eesha Koppikhar! This issue of FHM offers you an insight on the global phenomenon called Eesha.

Move over the voodoo doll; enter the real-life Barbie doll, in the form of Eesha, who is all out in the interview, speaking about everything under the sun, which includes her journey to Bollywood (yawn!), her being stereotyped as the item girl, her definition of fun, her take on Girlfriend, her idea of an ideal guy, her mischief with cockroaches, her mantra for success, etc...etc...etc...

Well, the overall success ratio of this issue is more than hundred per cent! Buy this mag and preserve it for a lifetime. You will surely know the reason why when you are taking your last breath!

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