I became an actor to do films but TV gave better opportunities: Yash Tonk

I became an actor to do films but TV gave better opportunities: Yash Tonk
Kaahin Kissii Roz actor Yash Tonk, who will be seen in a new show Jaat Ki Jugni, says he got better opportunities on TV and how today newcomers don’t think of longevity or about making a career in acting.

Yash Tonk has been a popular face on television for over 15 years and yet he feels he has more to give. With shows like Kaahin Kissii Roz, Karam Apnaa Apnaa, Yeh Vaada Raha among others, Yash admits he wants to be part of shows that last for years.

He says, “I want my shows to continue for 15 years (laughs). When a show works, everything works. You have a set audience to cater to and once people love it, things work smoothly. Launching a show is the most stressful time. It benefits everyone once the show delivers ratings and the actors too understand and are able to work on the character better.”

While Yash has been part of numerous daily soaps, he knows they are “very hectic” but also happy that he has “got good roles” in his career. Yash says, “When I consider a show, I think about the role offered to me which is of prime importance. I have worked with many generations of actors in my career, and today, I am working with new actors too. I am working hard and perhaps harder than others.”

Talking about the current generation of actors he says, “When I debuted, TV wasn’t so huge, we all had started acting with the aim to do films but we got better opportunities on TV and continued to do so. But today, shows come and go frequently and the newbies who come, know they want do act only on TV. They are not trained and most don’t put in their 100 percent either. They are thrilled and satisfied with the success of just one show. They don’t think of longevity or about making a career out of acting. Even after 15 years, I want to deliver more and add to the show I am a part of.” Yash adds that the new actors get swayed by fame and money their first show brings and don’t realise “once it ends, they will be out of sight and out of mind”.

Yash observes that he hasn’t “changed” and is the same person that he was when he entered the industry. He says he is enjoying playing the role of a Haryanvi in his upcoming show Jaat ki Jugni. “There are very few chances you get to connect to your roots and this is one opportunity, I didn’t want to miss. I am having fun talking in Haryanvi on the show,” Yash says.

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