What Arbaaz Khan thinks of Malaika Arora and their marriage

It has been well over three years since Arbaaz Khan and Malaika Arora Khan decided to end their marriage and part ways. Like in any relationship that has hit rock bottom, there is always one person who wants to end things, while the other looks to repair the broken bond. Similarly in the case of Malaika and Arbaaz, the latter gave their 18 year marriage time, to work things out and get back. However, now after three years, Arbaaz has finally decided to move on.

In fact on the latest season of Koffee With Karan, Arbaaz Khan who was a guest on the show seemed at easy with his divorce topic and it looked like he had come to terms with his broken relationship. Now, in a recent interview with a leading daily, Arbaaz opened up more about what he went through, his current relationship status and of course Malaika Arora. Talking about now being single and leading a bachelor life, the actor – producer stated that though he isn’t in a relationship now, he feel like he is not a bachelor but still is single.

When prodded further about who he currently is dating based on the images Arbaaz keeps posting on Instagram, he added that though he was dating someone the people in the images were just his friends. Interestingly, though Arbaaz admitted to seeing someone, he consciously kept details of the same away opting not to reveal anything.

Later speaking about the bond he shared with Malaika and his future, Arbaaz Khan added that before he met her, he was playing the field and wasn’t in any committed relationship. However, when he met Malaika Arora he felt the need to get married and after four years of dating finally tied the knot. Adding about his current mind-set, Khan went on to say that given his current scenario he really isn’t sure whether he has it in him to go through the entire sequence of commitment again. But, keeping his outlook positive, he also stated that if someone does come into his life he might just change his views and see where it goes.

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