Kamya Punjabi on Rahul Raj Singh’s legal notice: I don’t care about what Rahul says

Kamya Punjabi on Rahul Raj Singh’s legal notice: I don’t care about what Rahul says

Actor Kamya Punjabi, who plans to release late actor Pratyusha Banerjee’s last project, Hum Kuch Keh Naa Sakey, says the legal notice that Pratyusha’s boyfriend Rahul Raj Singh has sent her won’t deter her from doing so.

Actor Kamya Punjabi’s announcement that she’d release what’s touted to be her friend, late actor Pratyusha Banerjee’s last project before she committed suicide on April 1, 2016, has got her a legal notice from Pratyusha’s boyfriend, Rahul Raj Singh. The story of the short film titled, Hum Kuch Keh Naa Sakey, is said to bear similarities to Pratyusha’s life, and has a character named Rahul.

Kamya, however, tells HT that Pratyusha’s beau Rahul — who had been arrested for allegedly abetting the suicide — has nothing to do with the film. “Woh ismein ghus kyu raha hai? Who is he? I don’t care about what he has to say or what light he is portrayed in (in the film). The film has an old Pratyusha and Kamya as well,” she says. Kamya’s words are a reaction to Rahul’s claims to the media that “the film is a hoax, probably footage shot 2-3 years ago being recycled.” Rahul had also said: “I’ll make sure that the film is legally stopped from screening. I’ve also approached the cybercrime cell.”

Kamya, who is yet to see the notice, says nothing will deter her spirit. “(Notice) Aaya bhi hai toh dekha jayega. Kamya Punjabi kisi ke baap se nahi darti. Earlier, he had filed a defamation case against me. I’m yet to receive that notice.”

Talking about her motive behind screening the project, Kamya says, “My focus is on this film and Pratyusha’s parents. The producer has promised me that the money earned from this will go to Pratyusha’s parents, which is why I am all in. So, there is no question of me doing this for business. I will be promoting this film. I was anyway planning to hold a prayer meet for Pratyusha on the 1st of April and I thought that there isn’t a better day to screen the film.”

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