The Kapil Sharma Show: 5 things from latest episode prove why it has no future without Sunil Grover

The Kapil Sharma Show: Five things from its latest episode which prove why it has no future without Sunil Grover
The Kapil Sharma Show: Kapil Sharma tried too hard to hold the episode and put up a great entertaining show last night. But, in the absence of Sunil Grover, Ali Asgar and Chandan Prabhakar, the show lacked life and vigour.

Things have not been smooth for Indian television’s one the highest rated shows, since past one week. The Kapil Sharma Show, which has always boasted of a strong bonding and team work ever since its inception, is seeing some ripple efects. It has always been a cumulative effort put by some of the best talents in the world of comedy in India. It’s never been about an individual and his sole talent. This was clearly reflected during the last episode of the show. Comedian-actor Kapil Sharma seemed to be trying too hard to hold the episode together and put up a great entertaining show last night. However, it was clearly visible that all its acts lacked life and vigour without two of its lead comedians Sunil Grover and Ali Asgar.

Kapil seemed a bit lost without the presence of his co-actors. Kapil took no time to quip early in the show, “I just talk, but people turn that into gossip (Main sirf baat karta hoon, log baatein bana lete hain).” We look at five moments that prove that The Kapil Sharma Show has no future without Sunil Grover.

When Kapil tried to replace ‘Dr Mashoor Gulati’

Kapil took it upon himself to replace Sunil Grover’s avatar of Dr Mashoor Gulati on the show. Kapil donned the character of Sumona Chakravarti’s uncle and tried his best to bring in the same quirkiness. He cracked some jokes that fell flat and lacked the genuine humour and levity. Kapil, unlike his usual witty and self-assured self, seemed to be dabbling and cracking jokes that looked unrehearsed. Like Dr Mashoor Gulati, Kapil tried to indulge in some quirky activities (unlike Gulati, Kapil tried to manage the customers of a salon too) but failed to bring in the same sense of humour.

When recurring characters got a longer part

The supporting cast had a field day in the absence of its core characters. Kapil had to rely on the mediocre talent of Sumona and Rochelle Rao to entertain the audience. Rochelle got a large part to play in yesterday’s episode and we wonder if that was intentional. We also saw an additional character.

When Kiku Sharda aka Bumper didn’t seem as funny as we would like to think

Kiku’s Bumper is a great character. However, he somehow failed to perform his best. He cracked some lame jokes including one referring to Kapil Sharma, “Aaj kal inke baare mein jo bhi kuch bolo chap jaata hai.” What audience have always loved to see is Bumper’s funny interaction with other characters including Nani and Dr Mashoor Gulati. However, in the absence of Ali Asgar and Sunil Grover, Kiku had to rely on cracking lame jokes. Even his signature ‘act’ of clapping his hands failed to bring in much laughter.

When Manoj Bajpayee, Taapsee Pannu were funnier than the cast

Manoj Bajpai kept the mood of the show funny and light with his anecdotes on Amitabh Bachchan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui. Manoj said, “Nawazuddin is a kind of man who will be here, but he will be merged in the background.” Manoj also shared some funny incident from a shoot with Mr Bachchan. Both Manoj and Taapsee, who came to promote Naam Shabana, also improvised some funny dialogues from Bollywood movies. We have to say that these two actors were funnier than the cast.

When Kapil took a dig at Sunil’s absence from the show

When Sumona, while playing Kapil’s neighbour Sarla, quipped, ” That’s why I don’t come to this show”, Kapil said, “Your father (referring to Dr Mashoor Gulati) isn’t here, that’s why you were called. He is doing a show in Pune.”

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