Maatr trailer: Raveena Tandon comeback film is a tale of revenge vs justice. Watch video

Maatr trailer: The film drives home the message that justice may not always go hand-in-hand with vengeance.

Raveena Tandon has proved why the Bollywood industry needs her to come back with Maatr’s trailer. The film has been generating buzz for some time now and with the trailer, it has only increased. The movie is set to be released on April 21 and stars Raveena Tandon, Divya Jagdale, Anurag Arora and others. Written by Michael Pellico and directed by Ashtar Sayed, this revenge thriller tells the tale of a mother who is out to get justice for her daughter. The tale is about the failure of the judiciary, and the society in the face of a heinous crime such as rape.

Raveena plays the role of the mother, a woman who wants to stand up to the criminals who destroyed her daughter Tia’s life. However, she stands alone with no support from the society, the law and her husband only want to move on past the incident. When she proceeds to file a complaint, her husband is beaten up and made to take back the charges against the criminal.

After all this, she becomes strong and spins the web. The web that catches everyone associated with the crime committed against her daughter. She leaves behind her belief in justice and law and takes the path of a vigilante. Will she pull the trigger in the end? Will vengeance win in the end? One has to wait and watch the story unravel on the silver screen for that.

The trailer ends on a chilling note by pointing out that in the time that each of us watches this trailer, there was a girl raped in some part of our country. It might be jarring to come face-to-face with this, but it is, after all, a fact.

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