Naam Shabana Box Office Report: Has Dull Opening/ Naam Shabana First Day Box Office Collections Report/Review

Naam Shabana took a dull opening of around 15%. The opening collections are generally similar to last week Phillauri barring the Punjab and Delhi belt where Phillauri had opened to good and decent collections respectively. Hyderabad and Gujarat are a little better than Phillauri. This film has the presence of Akshay Kumar and although its not going to show in collections like it did in a Dear Zindagi (Shahrukh Khan) he will have added to collections, the problem is that Naam Shabana has nothing really going for it so without him the collections would have been even worse.

There is no brand value of Baby which is probably the reason this film has been made. The brand value only comes when films are liked by the audience and the theatrical and television results of Baby show that the public did not care for the film.

The film is going to find it a struggle at the box office as although the budget is reasonable even with Akshay Kumar, the acquisition price is far too high in accordance to the initial which gives the distributors no chance. Below are the admit figures of first shows with the cinema counts taken from each centre listed next to the city.

Mumbai (35 Cinemas)
Naam Shabana - 1,178 admits
Phillauri - 1,089 admits

Delhi (20 cinemas)
Naam Shabana - 665 admits
Phillauri - 1,152 admits

Chandigarh (6 cinemas)
Naam Shabana - 223 admits
Phillauri - 551 admits

Hyderabad (10 cinemas)
Naam Shabana - 380 admits
Phillauri - 319 admits

TOTAL (71 cinemas)
Naam Shabana - 2,446 admits
Phillauri - 3,111 admits

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