Ayesha Siddiqui Says She Spent Crores on Shoaib Malik, Helped Him Financially as She Loved Him.

I Spent Money in Crores on Shoaib: Ayesha (Alias) Maha Siddiqui.
In an interview to Mid-day, Ayesha says she loved and helped Shoaib immensely in his days of struggle, only to be insulted and cast aside when he became a star.

In a telephonic interview, Ayesha Siddiqui said that her blind love for Shoaib Malik made her spend crores on him when he was struggling financially. However, she says, once Shoaib attained stardom, he turned ungrateful, mocked her obesity and even 'hurled abuses' at her.

Where's the money, honey?

"I was teaching in HALA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL in JEDDAH (View Pictures and Information of Ayesha or Maha Siddiqui from Hala International School in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia) when I met Shoaib in 2002. He sought financial support from me when we began interacting with each other. He was not a star then but I loved him and it gave me pleasure to spend on him."

While it was love at first sight for her, Shoaib told her that he was impressed with her grace. In 2005, when her parents insisted they get married, Shoaib reportedly sent her a signed nikahnama and began visiting her in Hyderabad.

"He used to tell me that he was not as well off as I was, but felt fortunate to be my life partner," said Ayesha, who said she never maintained an account of the money she helped him with, but said it was easily over Rs 10 crore.

Volte face

"We were happily married for some time. Then, Shoaib became a star and began complaining about my weight. He said he was not attracted to me anymore," she said. She added that she even underwent silicon binding to lose weight.

"Shoaib started ignoring me and began hurling insults. It was around this time that I suffered a miscarriage," she said. Depressed, she began neglecting her diet and turned diabetic. Her hypothyroidism also contributed to her weight. "I was hurt that a man I loved so much turned inhuman when he won fame and wealth. Anyway, it is all a closed chapter now. I wish him and Sania all the best," she concluded.

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