Shoaib Malik Divorces First Wife Ayesha Siddiqui, After Accepting Marriage Signs Divorce Papers, No Alimony

Former Pakistan cricket captain Shoaib Malik divorced his first wife Ayesha Siddiqui on Wednesday, ahead of his planned marriage to Sania Mirza - This is Shoaib's Dramatic Volta Face after refusing to accept her as wife. In a fresh twist, Shoaib signed the talaknama or divorce papers, conceding thereby that he was indeed married to Ayesha Siddiqui.

Shoaib all the while had been denying the nikaah and had challenged Ayesha to come out in the open. Shoaib, who is in Hyderabad to marry tennis ace Sania Mirza, was accused of dumping Ayesha without a divorce because of her being overweight.

Shoaib had earlier admitted to the nikaahnama but said it was invalid since he was cheated into marrying Ayesha. He had claimed that Ayesha was not the girl whose photographs were sent to him by the Siddiqui family as Ayesha's.

Shams Babar, a friend of the Siddiqui family, said Malik had acknowledged his marriage to Siddiqui despite earlier denials. “Both Shoaib and Ayesha have signed the divorce papers today,” said Babar. The divorce has been settled, under the condition that no alimony will be given.

Sources reveal that the compromise between the Mirza and Siddiqui families was reached late on Tuesday night and that the divorce paper has been signed by Shoaib.

Siddiqui's lawyer Farooq Hassan confirmed the divorce, saying that the case against Shoaib was too strong, and there was no escape. He was force to accept he lied.

Earlier the Siddiqui family on Sunday had filed a police complaint against Malik over his plans to wed Sania Mirza. Police had questioned Malik and seized his passport.

In her complaint, Siddiqui alleged that Malik married her in June 2002 and she accused him of subjecting her to cruelty and harassment by denying that the wedding took place and by trying to marry another woman.

The Siddiqui's will now withdraw all FIRs and cases filed aginst Shoaib Malik. Ayesha's mother, Farisa Siddiqui said she is very happy with the compromise and that she is relieved now.

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