Sunanda Pushkar Had Plastic Surgery of Nose Done By Rhinoplasty Surgen Dr Ashok Gupta

April 16 2010: Sunanda Pushkar's face recently launched a thousand IPL controversies. However, if you've had enough of it, you could try an older variation. A city surgeon performed three cosmetic surgeries on Shashi Tharoor’s girlfriend and Fiancee 10 years ago.

Here Are Photographs of Sunanda Pushkar Before and After Plastic Surgery of Nose

Sunanda Pushkar Before Plastic Surgery of Nose

The swelling 5 days after surgery on Sunanda's Nose

Sunanda Pushkar After Plastic Surgery, as She Appears Now

The one you've been spotting these days is only a new and improved version. City sources say that the woman, who is in the eye of the Modi-Tharoor storm, had a nose job done by a leading Mumbai-based cosmetic surgeon ten years ago.

When contacted, Dr Ashok Gupta, who runs a clinic at Laud Mansion, admitted, after some initial hesitation, that he had performed surgeries for Pushkar.

“Many patients come to me for various things. Sunanda Pushkar was one of them. I conducted a rhinoplasty for her in 2000. She had also sought some other changes,” said Dr Gupta, who received the Padma Shri in 2009 for his contribution to the field of plastic surgery.

Pushkar wanted the size of her nose reduced as well the bridge straightened. Sources said that Pushkar also had two other fat reduction surgeries before the nose job. She was in hospital for three days and was registered under the name ‘Su’. Sources said that she is fondly called by the name her friends at the time. Pushkar came to Dr Gupta through a common friend who also knew her late second husband, sources said.

In 2000, such a surgery could have cost anywhere between Rs 3 to 4 lakh. However, sources said, she was not charged for the operation because she had come with a recommendation. Pushkar paid only the hospital charges, the sources said.

IPL commissioner Lalit Modi recently alleged that the Dubai-based entrepreneur was gifted a stake of Rs 70 crore in the Kochi franchise. The surgery took place in Mumbai in July 2000, by which time Pushkar was already a widow.

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