Salman Khan's Dabangg Look Revealed in His Twitter Account, Get Link Here.

April 13 2010 Salman Khan's Look in the Film Dabangg, produced by brother Arbaaz is revealed in his twitter Account. The Link to which is given below.

First Look of Salman Khan and Arbaaz Khan in Dabangg
Link to Salman Khan's Twitter Account -

Salman Khan had arrived in the world of social networking with a bang, or should we say with 'Dabangg'? The movie, produced by Salman's brother Arbaaz, is expected to release on Eid day, September 10 this year. Will it be a blockbuster? We don't know about that, but for now we do think of 'Dabangg' as the movie during which Salman joined Twitter, and immediately became a hit. The star started tweeting yesterday, and he already has over 25,000 followers.

It seems Salman's learning about Twitter from Arbaaz during the 'Dabangg' shoot, and we've got to say he's a good student, even if he does make the odd spelling mistake.

This morning, Salman tweeted, "Waking up n smelling the coffee, n u?" This was followed by, "Shooting fr dagangg , song in the day n scene in the nite." He meant to say 'Dabangg' of course, and soon corrected his mistake. "Dabangg baba dabangg, azbaaz said I wrote dagangg, told u was waking up na, arbaaz is producing it, so touchy. Hehe."

'Dabangg' it is, and this is a picture of what Salman looks like in the movie, posted by Arbaaz. So, do you think the moustache suits Sallu? Or does he look better fuzz-free.

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