Rahul-Dimpy on Emotional Atyachar, Nikunj Mallik Introduces Rahul To Undercover-Spy Agent Priyanka Nandi

Rahul Mahajan and Dimpy Ganguly will feature in an episode of the TV show EMOTIONAL ATYACHAR to be telecast/Aired on 30th April, Friday at 11 PM on UTV Bindaas channel. The Rahul and Dimpy episode is the grand finale of the show which is about infidelity. And Rahul has emerged clean.

Video of Dimpy Ganguly and Rahul Mahajan Talking about the Show Emotional Atyachar

Why Dimpy tested Rahul's loyalty on the reality show?
This is Why Dimpy Ganguly conducted Loyalty test on her husband Rahul Mahajan

Just two months after her marriage to Rahul Mahajan on national television, Dimpy Ganguly is bringing their private life back on the small screen. She tests her husband on a TV show to prove to the world that he is loyal.

Mrs. Mahajan has long heard about Rahul’s alleged philandering ways. She wants her hubby to be ridded of the Casanova tag, thus she approaches the team of emotional atyachar.

Picture of Rahul Mahajan from the show Emotional Athyachar

"I didn't conduct this test because I had any doubt on Rahul. It's just because ever since we have got married, many people have asked me, 'if he is trustworthy, do I find him dependable and why I married him despite his reputation?'. So this was done to shut them up, " Dimpy, 21, said.

The episode featuring flamboyant Rahul trapped between two females will be aired Friday 11 p.m.

"Rahul is the most loving and caring husband and extremely dependable. Now all those people who doubted his integrity can see for themselves, " she said.

Dimpy had pipped 14 contestants and over 16, 500 applicants on Imagine TV's "Rahul Dulhania Le Jaayega" to marry Rahul, son of late Bharatiya Janata Party leader Pramod Mahajan.

The young model is enjoying every bit of her married life and says she wants to "take it easy" on the professional front.

"This is our courtship period since we didn't get too much time alone before we get married. We're still exploring new things about each other and want to enjoy this time. So I want to take my time to (start) work, " she said.

Nikunj Mallik introduces Rahul to Priyanka Nandi - an EAT (Emotional Atyachar team) agent
Dimpy’s swayamvar competitor Nikunj Mallik is also present in the spy act. It so happens that Rahul Mahajan and Nikunj Mallik bump into each other at pool side of a hotel. After a brief interaction, Mallik introduces Rahul to Priyanka Nandi - an EAT (Emotional Atyachar team) agent.

Nikunj refused to divulge details but said she wasn't aware that the episode will have Rahul being spied upon by Dimpy. She said, "When they approached me for the show, I hadn't a clue that the show will feature them. It was too late by the time I came to know about them and I had already given my consent to the channel."

So does she think Rahul is a changed guy now? "I am of the opinion people don't change. Besides, no guy will stray in a month-old marriage!"

According to some media reports Mallik refused to comment further and only added, “I’m under a contract with the channel. I’m not authorised to speak on it. You’ll have to watch the episode to see the truth.”

The show had earlier embarrassed Raja Chaudhary after his infidelity cost him his relationship with fiancé Shraddha Sharma.

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