Is Asin, M S Dhoni's New Girlfriend ?

Asin and Dhoni in Love - Dhoni visited Asin's house and was spotted bonding with her at her Mumbai residence over some IPL Matches. Rumours are that the Indian Cricket skipper and the bollywood actress are in a relationsip. The media in the south where Asin is a big star, has already tagged Asin as M.S Dhoni's Girlfriend.

M S Dhoni-Asin having an affair? Why did he go over to her house during one of the semi-final matches?

Looks like IPL champions Chennai Super Kings' captain M S Dhoni likes watching matches off-field, particularly when there's a pretty girl to watch with. It is learnt that Dhoni visited actress Asin’s house in Lokhandwala on April 21 to watch the first IPL semi-final between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Mumbai Indians. And the cricketer stayed there till the match ended sparking rumors that they are an Item.

And it seems, as expected, Dhoni was recognised in Asin's building, and just about everyone who spotted him was excited to see him. But after the match ended, he managed to leave quickly and quietly. As reported by a daily, Dhoni managed to leave her house without grabbing much eyeballs.

How and When did Dhoni and Asin Meet?
So how do the two know each other? According to the sources, Dhoni and Asin became friends a year ago. They have been in a couple of ads together, and are expected to feature in some new campaigns too. They have done two commercial together and they also promote a particular brand due to which they keep meeting. Asin also attended Dhoni’s birthday last year. We don't know what's going on between them, but if there's something serious here, then it'll just be the latest in the cricketer-actress love story chronicles. And we do think that MS and Asin make a cute couple!

Dhoni was already in news because of his alleged link-up with the sexy Tamil actress Laxmi Rai; now it’s Asin!

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