Salman Khan Joins Twitter, Has 2000 Followers in 30 Minutes on Twitter!!

Salman Khan, the macho superstar of bollywood who plays the lead in Arbaaz Khan’s upcoming flick ‘Dabangg’ opposite gorgeous Sonakshi Sinha and joined twitter on Tuesday, had 2000 fans following him within half an hour. Link to Salman Khan's Twitter Account:

Salman Khan’s fans are ecstatic at the superstar joining the social networking site and were going ga ga online over it while tweeting on the site. However, Salman Khan joining the twitter was not a planned thing and happened in the same manner as other things happen to Sallubhai.

Everybody knows that Salman Khan’s brother Arbaaz is net savvy and had been urging him to come on board. But big brother kept aloof from the site. However, when he saw Arbaaz having fun and a wide access directly to his fans on site, he could not resist further and decided to go for it with immediate effect.

Even, Salman Khan going for the Hindi language on twitter has a story behind it. Sources close to Salman Khan reveal that as his last hit ‘Wanted’ was a rocking success in the interiors and smaller centers compared to big cities, Sallubhai wanted to tap that fan following through tweeting in Hindi.

Though there is no hard and fast rule for Salman Khan, but the buzz is that Salman Khan wants to keep this interior base of fans intact through tweeting in Hindi till the release of his film ‘Dabangg’, which is due for a worldwide release on Eid. Salman Khan is said to have suggested Eid day for release as ‘Wanted’ was released on this day and had rocked the box office.

With Salman Khan joining the twitter, Shah Rukh Khan will have a real competitor for the first time in the cyber space, which had been ruled by King Khan alone till now. Let’s hope the competition does not get out of control here, what say?? Read More >>

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