Sania Mirza Gets Rs 61 Lakh as 'Mehr' From Shoaib Malik

Hyderabad, Apr 13: The Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik, who married the Indian tennis star Sania Mirza on Monday, Apr 12, has paid Rs 61 lakh as 'mehr'.

Mehr, which is the gift given by the groom to his bride at the time of marriage, is a prerequisite for a Muslim marriage. The gift can be given in the form of cash or gold or other form of wealth and is aimed at giving a financial security to the wife in the case of divorce or death of the man.

The nikah was carried out in Hyderabad on Monday, Apr 12 after several weeks of controversy over Shoaib Malik's first marriage with Ayesha Siddiqui.

Qazi Najmuddin Hussain who performed the marriage said that the 'mehr' was fixed at Rs 61 lakh in cash.

However, what is making news is the fact that Shoaib paid a meagre Rs 500 mehr to his first wife Ayesha Siddiqui while Sania Mirza got a grand price.

Shaoib Malik married Siddiqui in 2002 over a telephonic nikah but claims that she was not the girl he fell in love with as the photographs sent to him online were that of another girl.

The Pakistani all-rounder divorced Siddiqui a week ago and agreed to pay Rs 15,000 as maintainance to Ayesh for a span of three months, which breaks down to Rs 5000 per month.

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