Salman Khan To Play Villain Mogambo In 3D Sequal‎ to Mr India (Version 2)

Salman Khan, the macho super star of bollywood who never played the part of a villain in his acting career, is all set to step into the shoes of Amrish Puri with his famous tagline ‘Mogambo Khush Hua’ in upcoming Rs 100 crore sequel to blockbuster ‘Mr. India’ being made by Boney Kapoor.

Salman Khan is expected to recreate the magic of Mogambo with use of finest SFX artists from Hollywood and enacting his role in 3 D format. Taking his inspiration from James Cameron’s blockbuster ‘Avatar’, which was in 3D, Boney Kapoor wants to make this flick even greater hit at the box office than his earlier ‘Wanted’ was at the box office.

Besides Salman Khan, the film will also have Anil Kapoor and Sridevi continuing with their parts in the sequel. The film will also have a known pair of bollywood actors to add glamour for youngsters and gen X, who were not privy to original ‘Mr. India’. Presently, the script is being finalized by two writers and one of these two will be chosen by producer Boney Kapoor. And since SFX movies are a rage nowadays, Boney too is in no mood to compromise and is planning to make the sequel in 3D.

“I want to take this film to the highest level. 3D would be a terrific experience with this kind of subject. We were toying with the idea for a long time, but finalized things only a few days ago,” Boney tells a daily.

He also discloses that the film’s budget is expected to be of almost Rs 100 crore as the film will be techno savvy and will also use state-of-the-art technology. Not only that, Boney is planning to call some foreign technicians for Salman’s look in the flick. It is not less than a challenge to show the hero of the masses, Salman, in a negative role.

Right now, the film is without a director and the script is being given final touches. It is only after that will go for a director to helm the ambitious project. It is unlikely that Shekhar Kapur, who had directed the first part, will agree to this project and most probably someone else will have to be selected by Boney to do the job.

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