Zara Nach ke Dikha Season 2 (2010) To Have Rakhi Sawant Competing Against Ex-Boyfriend Abhishek Awasthi

Zara Nachke Dikha Episode 1, Sat, May 1, 2010

Zara Nachke Dikha episode 1 unleashes the much awaited battle of the sexes on the dance floor on television. People whom we see daily on our screens will be in a completely different look dancing like never before.

In the very first episode along with grand entries of our Massakali girls and mast kalander Boys each in his own inimitable style, the challenge is thrown open with the following rounds:

The Rounds

The very first round starts off with an open challenge between the Massakalis and the Mast Kalanders. The Khallas round is an attempt to outdo each other in a high energy Jugalbandi. We have two high energy performers Abhishek Awasthi and Sanjeeda Sheikh face to face with each other in a face off. A power packed opening to this war on the dance floor. Catch this exciting performance only on zara nachke Dikha .

Vivel Deo Spirit:
Vivel Deo Spirit round is all about chemistry between the two players. Yes, in this game of competition between massakalis and mast kalanders this round will bring them together in a unique way where they would have to dance together creating some magical moments on stage.

One would imagine Aamir and Sanjeeda to come together for this performance but we have Aamir with Rashmi Desai performing to Oh Girl you're mine. A cute romantic performance but at the end the war continues as they would score separately. Will rashmis charm win over the judges or Will aamir's style score? The revelation would happen on Zara Nachke Dikha.

The Group Act:
The group act challenges the entire boys and girls group to put up their best to win victory as a group. The last round of the Saturday episode saw the boys and girls come up with outstanding performance so much so that the judges could not help but give a standing ovation to the Boys team. An independence day act depicting some historic incidents from our independence movemnet woven into choreography had everyone moved. On the other hand the girls team put an equally enthralling performance using chairs and dancing on one leg. Watch out for these performances in the launch episode of Zara Nachke Dikha

Episode 1 also witnessed some surprise moments apart from the magic created with dance. Abhishek awasthi competing with Rakhi leaves everyone shocked when he says he will always feel the absence of Rakhi in his life. How will Rakhi react to this? You can catch all this only on STAR Plus May 1, 9 pm.

Episode 2, Sun, May 2

In episode 2 the stage is set on fire literally with both the Boys and the Girls team performing fire acts in the zara hatke round. After having injuring themselves for this act during rehearsals they leave evryone spellbound with play with fire.

In the takker round watch the charming Sushant coming head on with the fiery Rakhi Sawant. Who would win? Who would lose? Whether it will be Rakhis adayein or Susshants charm? Which team would get to tag the member of the opposite team remains to be seen in this crucial episode where the winning team would be declared and the losing team might just lose one of its members.

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