Salman Khan Riding High on Generosity, Gifts 100 Cycles to School Kids in Wai

Salman gives away 100 cycles to school children in Wai, where he is shooting for Arbaaz Khan's Film Dabangg

Salman Khan's Look in the Film Dabangg. A scene from a song that Salman Shot for Dabangg in Wai recently.

Fitness freak Salman Khan is known to be a cycling fanatic. He has often said he wants to promote it not just as a healthy lifestyle option but also as a solution to traffic problems in Mumbai.

And while it isn't the preferred mode of commuting in the city, cycles are affordable and therefore, popular in villages. Khan, through his charity foundation Being Human, gifted around 100 cycles to kids who turned up on the sets of Dabangg in Wai.

For the children

A source close to the actor says, "Salman has been shooting in Wai for weeks. Not surprisingly, huge crowds gather to see him. And with it being the summer holidays, huge numbers of students come to see Khan in action. Most are from surrounding villages, and hail from poor families. They have to walk miles in the scorching sun to reach the location. When the Wanted star heard about this, he decided to buy cycles for all of them, so they could commute everywhere easily."

The dildaar Khan even gave away 100 cycles to students from one school in Wai, which comprised children from three villages. "He selected the kids that were: very poor, very good in studies and lived very far awat." Most of these students were girls who travel long distances everyday."

When Salim Khan and Helen had dropped on the sets a few weeks back, they too were appalled to hear that young girls were travelling on foot from far-off villages to see Salman. "They supported Salman's decision to gift the cycles. They plan to gift 50 more cycles to deserving students in the coming days."

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