Preity Zinta Takes a Dip in The River Ganga, At The Kumbh Mela

Perhaps praying for one victory for King’s XI, Preity Did A Ganga Snan and Yagna

Preity Zinta with Controversial Godman Chandraswamy at Haridwar

Actress and Punjab King’s XI co-owner Preity Zinta on Thursday took a holy dip in river Ganga in Haridwar and performed a yagna meant for attaining victory over enemies.

During the course of the day, she also called on godman Chandraswami who was one of the most influential persons in India when P V Narasimha Rao was the prime minister, but now avoids the limelight following several controversies.

Zinta’s T-20 cricket team is at the bottom of the Indian Premier League standings and, with just three matches to go, virtually out of contention for the semi-finals.

The 35-year-old flew in along with her mother Neelprabha. They drove to Parmarth ashram of former Union minister Swami Chinmayanand and took a dip in the Neeldhara area. Sources in the ashram said that Zinta went to Dharmgangeshwar temple to perform the yagna.

"Had the most adventurous day today! Went to the Maha Kumbh Mela in Haridwar and I washed off all my sins in the holy Ganga," Preity posted on her Twitter page.

The actress made a sudden plan with her mother for the trip to the Maha Kumbh, which is being held in Haridwar since Jan 14 and will conclude April 28.

"Tagged along with mother India to Haridwar hoping to find my twin...He he," Preity quipped. "Slept for two hours and flew for six. The chopper ride was fun though," she added.

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