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Aamir Khan’s new website for promotion of 'Ghajini' (http://www.rememberghajini.com/) is an attempt to establish a personal connection with media persons from all over the world

Aamir Khan is no longer the mediashy and reclusive actor we all knew a few years ago. He is one actor who is known to change with the times and come up with innovative ideas. Whether it is about finding creative ways to promote his films or even a simple interaction with fans and media persons around the world, Aamir has always been a winner. First Aamir started interacting with his fans through his blog, which he started a short while before Taare Zameen Par released. And now, he has again come up with a plan to become far more media savvy.
Commenting on Aamir’s new plan, a source close to the actor said, “Aamir has an idea wherein he will interact with media persons in a rather interesting manner. Every media person will be asked to upload their photograph on a website especially created by Aamir so that he can readily access their photograph. This will help Aamir recall everything about the journalist in a jiffy including their name and other details. Aamir will also write down a personal note that will be part of the journalists’ profile.”

When contacted, Aamir confirmed the news and said, “I just thought that it would be an interesting exercise. It goes with the theme of my film, Ghajini. More importantly, even though one has over a period of time interacted with several media persons, one hardly gets to share anything that is even remotely personal. We hardly communicate about what we think of each other.” And Aamir’s new website will do exactly that- establish a personal connect between the actor and journalists.

“On November 8, Aamir will access the website created for this purpose and will be making special notes for all the media persons after going through all the photographs. Aamir’s personal note on the photographs will be based on the one lasting memory that the actor has of that particular journalist. Along with the personal note, Aamir will also present a package of his forthcoming film, Ghajini to each journalist who registers on the website www.rememberghajini.com/media,” added the source.

The actor thought of this innovative idea because in Ghajini he plays a character who suffers from short term memory loss, which he learns to overcome although he doesn’t get cured permanently.

“Contrary to popular belief, Aamir does keep a close track on what’s happening with the media and this exercise only proves to what extent he is willing to involve himself even further,” said the source.

Source: Mumbai Mirror

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