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Neelam Kothari Talks About her Jewellery Designs

Jewel'd up!
Actress-turned-jewellery designer Neelam Kothari took a turn from the figurative star studded world into the literally stone-studded world of high-end jewellery design almost 10 years ago.

View some of her designs below as we get talking to her about her designs on life...

Do you like the world of jewellery design?
This was always my family business, and when I finally got out of the film world, I made a niche for myself here.

How would you describe your designs?
Although I get a lot of walk ins at my store, most of my work is very exclusive, and I believe in making designs that are timeless and classic. I never make funky designs that people will wear occasionally and get bored of!

What are your inspirations?
I try to give my pieces a kind of old Mughal and Victorian feel. It looks very classy and vintage.

Any favourite design?
There was this huge Golconda diamond necklace. From the time I made the design, bought the stones and finished the work it took nearly 5 months! I actually felt sad when it was finally picked up by a royal family from the Middle East.

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