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Rahul Knew Ashu Would Win…Says Zulfi Syed, After Almost Winning Bigg Boss

Now i’m free! Zulfi Syed (left)

Rahul knew that Ashu was going to win…
…says Zulfi Syed, after almost winning Bigg Boss

Zulfi Syed was among the final three to leave the Bigg Boss house. He talks about his time within, his housemates and much more...

How is life after Bigg Boss?
Life's great, its nice and very positive.

Is it difficult coping?
Yes just a little. I am spaced out but it is all perfectly fine.

Did you ever think that Ashutosh would win the show?
I knew beforehand that Ashutosh would win it. When Rahul exited the house, he told Raja and me that he would make sure Ashutosh would go on to win it and not either of us. He went out at the right time (five days before the show ended) and it looks like he did what he had promised. I was the first one to get out of the house. I told Shilpa Shetty four hours before the final results were declared that Ashutosh would win. She didn't ask me any further questions. I feel it was not fair because we guys were staying in the house for as long and Rahul had already got the results before the announcement was made. It is a little strange, don't you think?

Why were you not present at the Sanjay Nirupam party?
Sanjay invited me for the party. But before I could leave, I asked my friends (Debojeet Saha and Ehsaan Qureshi) who were already at the party. They told me about the Raja controversy and I decided to stay away. That's why you didn't see me there.

Who are the people you will continue to stay in touch with, from the house?
I will stay in touch with Debojeet, Ehsaan Qureshi, Ketakiji and Sanjay Nirupam.

Was the show everything you expected it to be? Or was it different?
I already knew the format of Bigg Boss so I think that part stayed true. But what really happened at the end of the show was really not fair.

At any time during the last few weeks did you think that you would win?
Yes, I did get a little confident that I might just win this when I was in the last four and then in the last three. But then, Rahul's comments made me think otherwise…

Why did Rahul say what he did to you?
Rahul said that he didn't want the money and that he was going to do it out of charity for us. I told him to stay true to the game and play it all the way out and not leave the house. I think he wanted to get the audience's sympathy or whatever. If you remember, when Ashu was handed the trophy, the first thing he said was that 'yeh meri jeet nahin hai…yeh Rahul Mahajan ki jeet hai…' I think that proves everything.

Do you believe that the Payal-Rahul romance was only for the camera?
I think it was something personal between the two. I can't comment on it.

Do you think Rahul's exit was a planned one, like everyone believes?
Before Rahul left, I told him that he was doing the wrong thing and he should stay back and continue with the game. To which he told me that he was doing the right thing and that he had to do this. I knew something fishy was going on!

Will you ever return for the next season?
I would, surely; but only if it is a fair game.

The one thing you didn't like while in the house?
The one thing I didn't like was the use of abusive language in the house. Because we all knew that all of India would be watching the show. From families to kids — everyone was going to be watching it —why talk in that manner?

Who do you think will benefit most from the show?
I don't know.

Fatafat 8
  • The Most genuine person in the house: Debojeet.
  • The most innocent: Ehsaan.
  • The most wicked: Rahul.
  • The biggest liar: I don't know!
  • Your best friend(s) in the house: Debojeet and Ehsaan.
  • Your worst enemy in the house: None
  • The person you were most uncomfortable around? Not any person; mostly the abusive lingo.
  • The person you think deserved to win? Debojeet
Name Feeling
  • Raja - Anger
  • Sambhavna - Anger
  • Ashutosh - Clever
  • Rahul - Smart
  • Monica - Confused
  • Diana - Clueless
  • Ehsaan - Innocent
  • Debojeet - A good boy!
  • Sanjay - Gentleman
  • Jade - Happiness
  • Ketki - Nice
  • Payal - Good girl
  • Alina - Clever
  • Rakhi - Nice girl

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