Arjun Rampal on the Cover of November Issue of MW

Arjun Rampal features in the November 2008 Issue of MW
'The Reinvention of Arjun Rampal' screams the headlines from the latest issue of MW. If the headline was not catchy enough, trust Arjun to do the rest. If we had the option of coining the headline, we would have hit the nail on the head stating 'Arjun Like Never Before...Never Ever After'. Having said so, one must admit that the current issue of MW is a killer, from
the word go!

For all those who loved to hate and hated to love the on-screen Arjun 'Mukesh Mehra' Rampal in the blockbuster Om Shanti Om, and thought that this role must have been a cake-walk for the dude, then, here's the real story. It happened on a New Year's Eve, SRK and Farah dragged him into a bathroom and told him about his 'characterless' role in OSO. When Arjun was very
skeptical about doing a negative role thinking of the impact it will have on his kids, the omnipresent SRK simply told him "Do this one film for yourself. You'll do plenty for your kids!" Can SRK ever go wrong?

Even the way Arjun bagged his role in Don is quite interesting in itself. Farhan says, "I'd earlier wanted him for a role in Lakshya, but he'd been busy. I'd seen him with his kids on holiday and thought he could draw on that for the character". Though Arjun's was ready to play Pran's role in the new Don "as long as you don't put me in spandex and make me walk the tightrope". Well, the they is history!

Each and every film of Arjun's is surely a milestone in itself. This also includes the 'cult-and-still-cultivating' landmark film Rock On. Arjun cannot express his joy in words as he says, "One of my most cherished moments after Rock On was when Amitji (the Big B) came and hugged me at the premiere of The Last Lear." All that we would like to ask Arjun is that Amitji hugging you is alright, because both of you are stars! But what about your zillions and counting fans out there, who are hoping to get a 'jaadu ki jhappi' from their Rockstar of Bollywood, Arjun Rampal!

There's surely something about Arjun that takes him places, keeps him in the good books of one and all. You will rarely (read 'never') find him bitching about any co-star or director. No wonder then, filmmakers like Farhan Akhtar, Farah Khan and Rituparno Ghosh are all praises and only praises for this dude with an attitude, an absolute positive one though! With so much going for Arjun Rampal, all that we can say is Arjun is 'Rocking' Bollywood and seems like he is going to do
that for a long time now.
Source: Indiafm

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