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Impressed Katrina Kaif to Gife a Car to Yuvvraaj Cinematographer Kabir Lal

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Katrina Kaif is so impressed with cinematographer Kabir Lal’s work in Subhash Ghai’s forthcoming film Yuvvraaj that she is going to gift him a car

Katrina Kaif is all set to present a car to cinematographer Kabir Lal, who worked with her in Subhash Ghai’s forthcoming film Yuvvraaj.

But initially Katrina and Kabir had differences because while working in Anil Sharma’s Apne Katrina was not happy with Kabir’s work. Our source said, “When Katrina learnt that Ghai had Kabir in Yuvvraaj, she tried to reason with Ghai that she was not too happy with him. But Ghai stood his ground and Kabir continued working in the film. One day. Katrina said on the sets that if Kabir’s work pleased her she would gift him a car.”

Our source added, “Katrina was not too sure if things were going well in the initial stages, but slowly and surely the ice between them was broken and Katrina realised that Kabir’s work this time was indeed very impressive. Actually, Katrina has never been photographed as beautifully in the past as she has been in Yuvvraaj.” When contacted, Ghai confirmed and said, “Yes, Katrina met us recently. She has seen the promos and is very relaxed now. She made a special mention of Kabir Lal’s work to me.”

Ghai sees no reason why Katrina should not fulfill her promise. “Katrina had promised a car to Kabir. She is a girl who does not go back on her words. She is very magnanimous by nature.”

Kabir Lal told Mumbai Mirror, “Yes, Katrina did not like my work in Apne. Maybe she didn’t want me in Yuvvraaj. She was paranoid on the sets and constantly went to the monitor to check out things. But everything is fine now. Katrina is delighted. She had said that she’ll give me a car. She praised my work after the shooting of Yuvvraaj was over and the unit members teasingly reminded her that she should stick to her word and gift me a car. Let’s wait and see what car it is.”

Katrina remained unavailable for comment.

Source: Mumbai Mirror

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