Raima Sen's Sexy Makeover for the Latest issue of Maxim

Who would have thought that pretty Raima Sen could be so h-o-t. The latest issue of the men's magazine Maxim featured the Bengali bombshell in black and white lacy lingerie set. We bring you some melting moments as well as excerpts from the interview she had given to the magazine.

Your birthday is coming up quite soon, we hear. Where's the party at?
(Laughs) Yes, it's on November 7th. I'm a typical Scorpio. Last year the party was at China House, but this year, I'm planning to have it at home. Nothing's been decided yet.

Home! Won't your parents prevent you from doing anything naughty?
No, not at all. They are really cool, you have to meet them to actually find out. And the best part is that I won't have to worry about organising anything as they'll take care of everything.

We're definitely coming over to meet the parents then. Quite frankly, when was the last time you picked up a copy of Maxim?
The Soha Ali Khan one. She looked really good in those pictures. That reminds me, I did flip through the Gul Panang issue as well.

Find anything interesting to read while you perused our pages?
I just flipped through. But now that I've found you guys quite interesting, I plan to read through this issue.
Just for that, we're going to try and arrange a life-time subscription for you?
Wow! That would be nice. It might help me understand men better, considering the fact that I have pretty bad taste in men.

And why is that? You prefer the proverbial bad boy?
(Laughs) Absolutely, bad and wild boys anytime. Casanovas do it for me all the time.

So you'd rather date a Casanova than a nice guy?
Come to think of it, a loyal Casanova would be ideal.

Loyal Casanova? Isn't that quite the paradox?
I mean he should be very charming and attractive, not just to me but to other women as well. And I don't mind him having a roving eye, and checking out the rest of the women in the room but he should stay put WITH ME.
So, as your boyfriend, one is allowed to check out other woman and you wouldn't be bothered at all?
(Laughs) What's a relationship worth without some amount of trust?

This is a Bond special after all. Who's your favourite Bond?
I'm not much of a Bond fan, but I did watch one with Pierce Brosman. He's pretty charming and really good looking.
Aha! The loyal Casanova! Which brings us to your lovelife. We hear your ex Kunal Kapoor and you don't even talk any more? Do you want us to beat him up for you?
I talk to him occasionally but it's just that his friend circle is very different form mine. And if you want to beat him up, please be my guest.

How would you rate your sister Riya (Sen) on a scale of one to ten?

A perfect 10 on 10, she is really nice. We are very close but I'm the one that does all the pampering.

Which brings us to the more important question. Do you guys have sexy pillow fights?
(Giggles) All the time. That is plain awesome!

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