Pictures From Ameesha Patel's and Beau Kanav Puri's Private Album

Photo romance

Today, Ameesha Patel and Kanav Puri are one of B-Town's most talked about and much-in-love couple. Talk-ing about the lovey-dovey pictures Ameesha says, "Kanav has made a collection of some of our most special memories through these pict- ures. It's almost like our own personal diary. Kanav's a wonderful guy who surprises me with the most romantic things."Here's looking at Ameesha's diary...

This was taken at L'Avenue Café on Avenue Montaigne in Paris. We are having a really late lunch and a bottle of champagne after our visit to the Louvre. I made Kanav behave like a tourist. I am a museum junkie, so I dragged him to the Louvre and see the Mona Lisa painting by Leonardo Da Vinci. Kanav wasn't much impressed by it and said 'Big deal! I would rather look at you instead. I wanted him to see renowned works of art and he would say I am much more beautiful. He's very naughty. I made him climb the Eiffel Tower after a heavy lunch because I wanted to show him the exact spot where I wanted him to propose to me and kiss me.

At Maldives on my birthday (June 9). It was again a surprise as I thought we were going to Goa when Kanav whizzed me off to Maldives without divulging any information. He had taken a private villa with a pool. It was lovely and secluded.

Dinner at Olive, Bandra. This was our first time together in Mumbai and Kanav surprised me on his birthday. We brought it in Olive. He wasn't supposed to be in India. Suddenly, he landed up at my home and took me out for dinner. It's also the first time that he met my friends. The rose in his mouth is because Kanav is trying to do the tango. I was wearing an off-shoulder dress and Kanav said I looked very hot.

At the Louvre in Paris. Paris is my favourite city and I have visited it many times as a child. This trip was special as Kanav drove me down to Paris his yellow Ferrari, for the first time. I had gone to meet him in London and he said, 'Let's drive down to Paris on Friday and stay over the weekend. But I think he was more excited about the car than me!

At Kanav’s Delhi home where I met his family and friends for the fist time since our courtship. I am wearing a Versace dress while Kanav’s wearing a blue Armani shirt. We popped a bottle of champagne and then all of us went out for dinner.

It’s at the LakmĂ© Fashion Week when we made our first public appearance together in March. I guess that makes it kind of special…

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