Subhash Ghai Had a Tough Time Convincing Salman Khan to Dye His Hair Blonde Yuvvraaj

Blonde Identity: Salman Khan in Yuvvraaj

Subhash Ghai wanted Salman Khan to dye his hair blonde for Yuvvraaj. But that was easier said than done

Subhash Ghai had a tough time convincing Salman Khan to dye his hair blonde for his film, Yuvvraaj. Ghai wanted Salman, who plays the title role, to look different than he usually is. So he thought upon various ideas to enhance Salman's personality in the film. According to a source, “Ghai was adamant on showcasing Salman in a different look in the film. So he tried several looks for him but failed to get what he wanted. Then suddenly, one day, a brainwave struck Ghai and he asked Salman to go blonde. Initially Salman laughed at the statement thinking that Ghai was joking but eventually when he realised that he was serious about it, he outright refused to do any such thing.”

Ghai confirmed the news and said, “I tried several looks on Salman's photograph with the help of a computer. But I realised that every look I devised, looked pale in comparison with his real life personality.”

Then how did the blonde look come about? Ghai revealed, “It just happened in Austria on the first day of the shoot. I was still toying with the idea of giving Salman a different look. I don't know whom I saw or what I remembered, but I suddenly told Salman that I want him to go blonde.” Salman was too shocked to react. Ghai added, “Salman did not like my idea. He refused. He saw my face fall.”

On the sets, Ghai had another shock waiting for him. Salman did not turn up for the shoot. Ghai recollected the day's happening and said, “I waited for two hours and since Salman did not turn up at the shoot, I suspected that he didn't like my idea and was upset about it. However, soon he walked in and my eyes popped out. He had coloured his hair blonde and was smiling at me.” Salman had dyed his hair blonde at his hotel and was looking just as Ghai had wanted him to. Ghai chuckled, “I guess Salman likes to give pleasant surprises. Yuvvraaj also stars Anil Kapoor, Zayed Khan and Katrina Kaif.

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