Pakistani Actress, Meera Lands Up at Mahesh Bhatt’s House at Midnight For Accommodation


Midnight drama

Pakistani actress, Meera landed up at Mahesh Bhatt’s house at 1.30 am to spend the night at his place, but Bhatt refused to accommodate her.

Mahesh Bhatt’s discovery, Pakistani actress Meera (who made her Bollywood debut in Nazar) landed up at Mahesh’s house in Juhu, on Monday at 1.30 a.m., asking to be accommodated in his house, but Mahesh Bhatt put his foot down and instead asked producer Sevy Ali to take her back.

The drama unfolded when there was a knock at the Bhatt’s residence at 1.30 a.m., on Monday. Mahesh’s 20-year-old daughter, Shaheen opened the door and was shocked to see Meera at their door step with Gulshan Arora, owner of the hotel Sun ‘n’ Sand. She immediately informed her father about the unexpected visitors at the dead of the night.

When we asked Mahesh if it was true that Meera had come to his home at 1.30 a.m., he said, “I was shocked to see Meera at my residence in the middle of the night. She looked disturbed and seemed to be suffering from some sort of paranoia. I surely couldn’t accommodate her in that state at my place. Meera had no business to be here. Recently, she even left Pakistan without informing her parents. Such behaviour is totally unacceptable to me. But then, I did no wrong. I took complete responsibility in handing her over to a responsible man, Sevy Ali (producer of Nazar and White Noise) and asked him to take her away.”

Meera confirmed that she did land up at Mahesh Bhatt’s house on the said night. She said, “I am a young girl who is living alone in Mumbai. One guy was troubling me and I got very scared. I had no other option but to rush to my friend Gulshan Arora (owner of Sun ‘n’ Sand). He took me to Bhatt saab’s house.”

The drama went on at Bhatt’s residence till 3 a.m.

Meera is miffed with Mahesh Bhatt for turning her away. She said, “Bhatt saab’s behaviour towards me has changed drastically. I must add that I am quite peeved by the attitude of people here. He even called up my father and asked him to come and take me home.”

When we checked with Bhatt about this, he confirmed and said, “Yes, I did call up her father. Meera has spoken a lot against me in the Pakistani press in the recent past. But now she wants me to cast her in one of my films. But I am not living under any illusion. We have a young India here who needs younger heroines. Why don’t certain ageing actresses come to terms with their mortality?”

We also spoke to Sevy Ali about the incident who said, “I took Meera to the hotel as she wanted to meet another Pakistani actor, Humayun Saeed, who was staying there. I was with her till she knocked his door.” Meera also agreed that she had been to Humayyun’s room to seek refuge for the night as his wife is her good friend. When we asked Sevy, what was Meera’s mindset, he replied, “Meera was very dazed and not in her senses.”

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